Customer Bedding Aftercare Support Information:

All the products we supply are quality branded products and with a little care and attention will give you many years of sleeping comfort.

Slight depressions may become evident on your new mattress, this is quite normal and should not be of concern. It is recommended that a traditional double sided mattress are turned over alternatively head-to-foot, then turned over side to side on a weekly basis. After 12 weeks the mattress need only be turned monthly.

The new generation of 'no-turn' easy life mattresses should be turned head to foot on the same cycle as above to give satisfactory service.

  • Please do not bend or roll a mattress, this could do permanent damage to the product.
  • Please do not carry the mattress by the handles, the handles are designed to allow adjustment of the position the mattress whilst on the divan.
  • Please do not use detergent or chemical cleaners on the fabric, this may cause damage or staining to the product.
  • Please do not use a vacuum cleaner on the mattress as this can disturb the fillings on the upholstery layers.
  • Please do not overload the drawers, these are designed for lightweight items only and normally have a weight limit label inside.
  • All our beds come complete with a manufacturers warranty, (details available on request). The warranty registration card (where applicable) should be completed and sent back to the manufacturer to register the date of purchase. 
  • Please Note: All products offered for sale on this website are subject to a weight limit of 110Kg of the persons using the products eg. electric adjustable beds, divan bed bases and bedsteads. It is the customers responsibility to inform us if any person or persons using the product is in excess of this body mass before purchasing any products from this website. Failure to disclose this information will render the warranty null and void in respect of any claims made under guarantees and warranty in the event of failure due to a weight issue. Any person wishing to use the products offered for sale on this website in excess of 110Kg body mass must obtain in writing from us that it will be suitable for the intended purpose.